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Office Coffee Machines

Before turning on a computer in the morning or sitting down to read the latest report, chances are that most workers will visit the office coffee machine for a cup of java to start their day. When a meeting is happening, it's important to be able to offer participants a good cup of joe before they begin approving the agenda. And in industries where clients or customers visit frequently, it's essential to create an atmosphere of hospitality by having quality coffee available. Office coffee machines are an integral part of most businesses, and it's crucial that they be dependable, efficient, and able to brew cup after cup of great coffee. Many enterprises have come to realize that having premium coffee available not only helps to create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, it also improves employee morale.

Specialty Drinks

With the rise of coffee culture, most of us have become accustomed to having access to excellent coffee. Better office coffee machine distributors have recognized this, and provide their customers with machines that offer an unprecedented array of choices. Choose a machine that uses whole beans to ensure freshness and taste, or select a traditional coffee maker that specializes in convenient ground coffee, brewed to perfection. The advent of single pod coffee makers has revolutionized the industry, ensuring that spicy cappuccinos, smooth lattes, and even hot chocolate can be part of any office routine.
Single pod coffee makers allow businesses to open up a world of options to their customers and staff at an affordable price. A Bunn AutoPOD Brewer, for example, is able to make up to 16 oz. of coffee and specialty drinks such as cappuccino on demand in under one minute. A hot water function enables users to make up to 10 oz. of tea, hot chocolate and even soup! Each beverage is delivered piping hot and freshly made. The AutoPOD has various other advantages, including automatic disposal of used pods, a compact size, a digital display, and a large capacity drip tray. This particular model also carries an excellent warranty on parts and labour, and its "energy saver” mode conserves electricity during low or off hours. Easy to use and to care for, this machine is perfect for any organization that requires up to 120 cups per hour of coffee or specialty drinks.

The Right Distributor

Whether you require a small coffee machine for staff use, a model like the AutoPOD that brews several different types of drink, or even vending machines supplying both food and drink for clients, the first step is finding a good food service equipment distributor. The right distributor can help you to ascertain exactly what your needs are, and can recommend various options. Some of the hallmarks of better distributors include:
  • A large showroom displaying a range of products.
  • Options to lease or own equipment.
  • Financing programs.
  • Delivery and assembly of equipment.
  • Electronics support line.
  • Support calls.
  • Refurbishing and customizing options.
The availability of coffee and other beverages makes any organization a more welcoming place. Call a reputable distributor today and get the perfect coffee machine for your office!
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